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After the long waiting the trailer of Baahubali 2 is released. People are very excited to know the answer Why Katappa killed Baahubali? Hurry Up! And check out the latest entertainment news at Growling Like a Fish.



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Entertainment news is a collection of what latest happening occurred in the Hollywood and Bollywood world. Check out the hottest gossips between stars, patch-up, break-up, latest movies and ample of others matters at “Growling Like a Fish”.




It’s this time of the year again, the time where hatred and differences are set aside. For working individuals this might be another normal day, but deep inside is the longing to receive something that’s coming straight from the heart. Here are some of the best ideas you may give your loved ones and friends this Christmas.

For Men

It is known for men to be contented with usual presents. The element of surprise may not really work on most men, although it might for some. For starters, try considering that awesome looking Paul Smith merino sweater with contrasted collar. This will be perfect for the cold winter season. Otherwise, settle for scents, watch or probably a leather belt.

For Women

Although women are known to get easily attracted to diamonds, there are other options that would be good surprise presents for lovely one. Take for instance a surprise present like a spa voucher for your lovely wife to relax. Make-up kits, beanies, gloves and leather bags would also be greatly appreciated. If your woman loves baking, then make Christmas more meaningful to her by giving her the Colonel D.S Bradley’s Patent Cake Divider. If you’re still in doubt, then you may settle for golds and diamonds as your last resort.

For the Boys

We are not talking about hot chicks and babes but gift ideas you can give to your youngster this Christmas. Kids will always love toys. For you to hit two birds in one stone, consider getting the In The Night Garden musical activity Pinky Ponk. This will surely enhance your child’s motor skills while playing too. Stuffed toys like dinosaur figures would also be a good selection. If you want to shape your kids manhood, give him the Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner, this will definitely let your boys feel like they are grown ups. A bike or a pedal car would also be a good addition to your kids collection.

For Girls Only

Unisex is the thing today. That’s true, but it is always important to consider giving your little girl that cute doll or play set she’d always loved. If you have a little girl who loves playing house, consider gifting her the Pirate Shack Playhouse paired with the Gruffalo Garden Tool Bag (with tools). If she loves music, get the Hape Happy Grand Piano Black, this will surely enhance her ear for music. If she is not into music, but loves painting, get the OMY Giant Coloring Wall XXL along with the YXSH portable 150 piece art chest.

There you have it folks. Make Christmas more meaningful this year by this helpful gift guide.